cover rezension

es kommt ja nicht oft vor das bei musikrezensionen auch das cover beachtung findet – so nun aber geschehen bei michel ackermanns ep kite die ich im februar dieses jahres gestalten konnte. das coverfoto stammt übrigens aus einem stockarchiv, das bild innen ist ein schnappschuß von michel.

„This Berlin-based singer/songwriter brings you a 4-song EP titled Kite. I have to mention the cover art due to its incredibly tranquil setting. I am seeing vivid blues skies along with plush, white clouds. The initial reaction of this scenery is a very peaceful feeling, which could definitely offer someone a calming effect. Now, let’s see if this soothing art work carries over into the actual sound of the record. It is worth noting that the designs were created by Dirk Uhlenbrock, who was able to capture this relaxing atmosphere of sky…”

jimmy rae /